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Imagine after a tough journey you finally arrive at your hotel. Upon entering, you are immediately taken by a physical painting of the hotel’s logo that is moving...flowing with color and light. You turn around to grab your bags and your eyes are met with sculptures, paintings and the architecture itself - moving, dancing...alive.


Before heading to your room, you decide to unwind at the bar. You grab a drink and sit by an open window overlooking a tropical beach. You feel the warmth of the balmy breeze and smell the fragrant, tropical flowers wafting through the palm trees. It all seems so real. You can’t help but question your senses – am I still in New York? The concierge wakes you from your dreamlike state and says, "Would you like to experience something truly unreal? Come with me."


You are led into a room unlike any you’ve ever seen, with more dynamic art and fully-staffed virtual reality simulators. Next thing you know, you are racing a Porsche on the Nürburgring, flying a seaplane over the crystal clear waters of Bora Bora, and practicing your short game as the waves crash on the rocks below you at Pebble Beach Golf Links. You experience all this and more within a room that looks and feels like you’re on a remote island. As you finally head off to your room, you are still reveling in the amazing experiences you just had...And you know that you'll definitely come back for your next trip.

We can do all this and more. . .


TIPtech Art is an experiential technology company that seamlessly blends physical and digital worlds. TIPtech and its parent company, UNW Inc, use proprietary technology, science, art, and customized buildouts to create immersion portals that convert ordinary spaces into visually stunning and fully immersive experiences. Importantly, neither virtual reality (VR) nor augmented reality (AR) hardware or software are required to enjoy our immersive environments; all you need is your own five senses to experience the marvel!

For those seeking even deeper levels of immersion, UNW and TIPtech offer the most advanced VR and AR experiences on the market. Complementing our immersive buildouts, we offer room scale VR simulations that can transform even the smallest room into gaming, training and sporting multiplexes. We have also developed full motion simulators that rival some of the most expensive commercial training simulators on the market, but for a fraction of the price. We will offer these and many more VR and AR products in conjunction with our custom buildouts to create the immersive portal of your dreams.

"TIPtech Art has created a new level of immersive entertainment that combines art and technology in the most unique ways. This will be a game changer for a myriad of industries - from medical and athletic training to entertainment and marketing - I can't wait to see where this goes!"


J. Peterson, San Francisco, CA

"Wow! I just want to pull up a chair and stare at this art. It's part of the experience...I learn as I watch it...different things happen. It's so f***ing cool, my God."


K. Connolly, Hollywood, CA

"TIPtech is going to change the way we think about marketing and advertising. This is the breath of fresh air the industry has been waiting for. TIPtech captures the essence of a brand and brings it to life in a way that's never been done before. To be able to elevate an already well-known brand in a new way is a challenge, yet they have the capabilities. And for new brands that want to stand out, these are your people. Words can't explain what they do. You just have to see it to understand."


L. Stanier, New York, NY

"As a restaurateur, I am always looking for ways to make my venues stand out and give people a reason to come back. I'm looking forward to the custom Windows to the World installation created by TIPtech Art, which will allow me to transport my establishment to a location anywhere I dream. It's like having the ability to move my restaurant daily from Hong Kong to Paris to a Caribbean beach - it's up to you!"


C. Mateo, New York, NY


TIPtech news



Experiential Art, Immersive Environments, and Virtual Reality Unite at the Opening of TIPtech Art’s New Showroom


(Old Brookville, NY…. May 10, 2023) TIPtech Art LLC today announced the opening of its brand new 10,000 square foot private showroom in Old Brookville, NY. The inaugural exhibition, which is by invite only, showcases works by several artists including Andy Warhol, Gustav Caillebotte, John Dowling Jr., Digger Mesch and several local artists – enhanced by TIPtech’s immersive technology. The exhibition also showcases TIPtech’s incredible transformative capabilities, converting entire rooms into functional spaceships, relaxation environments, and sports and gaming multiplexes. 


“It’s certainly not your typical art gallery” says founder Gray Devio. “Our space showcases a slice of our capabilities and our advanced technology.” In addition to bringing art to life, TIPtech converts ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences. Touring their showroom is a spectacular event for all five senses – it is easy to lose track of time as you travel to impossible locations and experience the unimaginable. “We can make a small room feel like an entire forest or a spaceship traveling faster that the speed of light. With our roster of talented artists and professionals, we make the impossible possible.”


TIPtech’s showroom is located close to New York City and is easily accessible by car or train. If you would like to request an appointment to experience our showroom, please contact us via our contact form.



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If you have any questions about our products and services, please feel free to send a detailed message to us above, or open a live chat with one of our experts by clicking the chat bubble icon at the bottom right of your screen.

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