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Everything UNW Offers For Voyager, Room-Scale, Seated and Portable VR Experience.


Includes UNW Voyager & All Peripherals, UNW Core Computer, VR Basestations, Full Body Haptic Suit, VR Haptic Gun Controller, VR Trackers, VR Baseball Bat, VR Sports Racket Set, Voyager HMD, Room-Scale Wireless HMD, Portable VR HMD, Carrying Case For Portable VR HMD, HMD Charging Stands For Room-Scale and Portable VR HMD's, VR Controllers, VR Controller Charging Stands, Gamepad Controller, Extra Battery Pack, Lens and HMD Cleaning Supplies, Disposable Hygiene Masks (100 Count), All Currently Approved VR Titles In UNW Library (300+ Titles For Voyager, Room-Scale, Seated and Portable VR Experience)

Unlock All Worlds

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