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Celestial Unimerse™

Testimonial quotes

"Finding words to describe the awe-inspiring experience I had in TIPtech's Celestial room is a difficult task. Like many others, I've always dreamed about exploring the universe...This fulfilled that lifelong dream of mine. I sat in a very comfortable captain's chair, took the controls and comfortably piloted my own personal spaceship, traveling to many planets and moons in our solar system. I learned things I never knew about these celestial objects. If that's not incredible enough, I was able to travel to distant star systems, visit beautiful nebulae, destructive black holes and even other expansive galaxies with the press of a button...all while gaining an education. Just Wow!"

D. Gallo, Astronomer - Mystic, CT

Let us transform any room — from a cozy study to a university lecture hall — into a virtual spaceship primed for cosmic exploration, education, and sheer delight. Our Celestial Unimerse™ installations transcend mere walls and floors; we create a portal to the cosmos to a place where stardust meets imagination. Step inside, and prepare for an interstellar journey like no other. No passport required.


Key features of our installations include custom-built computers with ultra high definition displays that transform the room’s walls, ceiling, and floor into an immersive celestial canvas. Nebulas swirl, planets orbit, and distant galaxies beckon — all from real NASA data and in mesmerizing detail. Our installations are fully customizable and can adapt to any room regardless of size or shape. You can even choose the look and feel of your spacecraft: you can command a sleek star cruiser, a retro rocket, or an alien saucer. The room adapts to your experience with control panels, star charts, navigation screens, seating and touch-sensitive control surfaces that make you the captain of your own cosmic vessel.


You can engage students with educational modules and interactive lessons. Start from Earth and plot courses using familiar constellations. Relive pivotal moments in cosmic exploration by visiting the Apollo 11 landing sight, or follow the paths of Voyagers 1 and 2. Bend space-time by diving into black holes and experience the awe inspiring power of quasars. Visit Halley's Comet at its icy home or simply relax in the center of the Orion Nebula and gaze upon the beauty of a stellar nursery as the room resonates with celestial music.


Stellar storytelling has never been so immersive — gather around this celestial campfire and share scientific truths, ancient myths, cosmic legends, and tales of alien civilizations. Young and mature minds alike will dream of nebula-hopping and intergalactic diplomacy. Let us ignite your curiosity.


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