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Co-Founder, DIRECTOR OF Race Operations

Raphael Santos is the Director of Race Operations at TIPtech. He is responsible for all aspects of race event planning, budget, execution, post-race event review and serves as one of the main faces of the organization in the automotive and racing industries.
Prior to joining TIPtech, Mr. Santos was the Head Judge and Show Manager for Hot Import Nights; Founder, Pro Driver and Instructor at Cloud 9 Exotics; Head Driver and Driving Instructor for Gotham Dream Cars and Complete Learning Solutions, as well as serving as a Mechanic and Driver for JMR Garage and Tarmac Motorsports. Additionally, Raphael Founded Progress Motorsports / Progress JDM, which currently provides picture car rentals to major film and television networks for hit productions such as Saturday Night Live, Car Imports, as well as offering professional driving instruction.

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