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Antonio Marra headshot


CO-FOUNDER, Chief Product & Knowledge Officer

Antonio Marra is the Chief Product and Knowledge Officer at UNW Inc. He is responsible for managing UNW’s product-related matters, including assistance in formulating product vision, innovation, design, development, and ensuring efficient execution and delivery of products and services to TIPtech's customers. Additionally, Mr. Marra oversees knowledge management within the organization, ensuring the company profits from the effective use of knowledge resources.


Prior to joining UNW, Mr. Marra served as a project manager for over 11 years at American Home Trust, the 10th largest retail mortgage lender and real estate investment trust in the United States. Mr. Marra gained extensive experience in playing a key role at the center of operations and communications between high-level executives, while being required to have a deep understanding of all roles, reporting and procedures. Much of Mr. Marra’s responsibilities were issued based on character, trust and confidence in his keen ability to properly manage sensitive, proprietary and confidential information, while effectively being able to realize what needed to be done, how it needed to be executed, and when it needed to be completed. Additionally, Mr. Marra has worked for over 6 years in managing logistics, customers, employees and supplies, as well as generating over $2 million dollars in annual direct sales for Ferguson Enterprises, one of America’s leading HVAC equipment and industrial products and service companies.

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