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Daniel Ault headshot


DIRECTOR OF Creative Game Design, Production Assistant

Daniel Ault is the Director of Creative Game Design and Production Assistant at TIPtech. His responsibilities include writing, storyboarding, character creation/development, map design and overall direction on all aspects of game creation. As Production Assistant, he aids in filming, editing, arranging, mapping and constructing various projects. His experience in audiovisual content creation and performance gives him a unique and diverse skillset, and his quick thinking helps with on the fly problem solving to achieve the best result.

Gaming has always been a critical part of Daniel's life. He started his experience and education on the Atari gaming console and worked his way through countless titles from Nintendo, SNES, Sega Genesis, N64, Gameboy and Gamegear, to Playstation, Xbox and PC. Daniel has led many online guilds and tribes, mastering every MMORPG from World of Warcraft to Ark, specializing in player vs player combat and always rising to the top of the scoreboards. As a true hardcore gamer, no genre is uninteresting to Daniel; from turn based strategy, puzzle games and survival, to FPS, action/adventure and MOBA, every title is analyzed thoroughly. Daniel's extensive gaming experience, combined with his artful storytelling abilities allows a clear path to the creation of future gaming masterpieces. Additionally, Daniel has owned and operated an audiovisual production studio for 17 years, honing his skills to a level of extreme efficiency. He oversaw the soundtrack for "Sunset Park", licensed songs for video games such as EA Sports UFC4, TV shows such as Disney's "Saturdays", along with shows in France and Latin America. He has cut albums with World Class DJs Rob Swift and Mista Sinista of the Executioners, together known as Da Odd Couple, across multiple record labels. Daniel's unique upbringing and powerful life story arms him with an out of the box thinking style that gives rise to extreme creativity.

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