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Keith Rugen headshot


CO-FOUNDER, Chief Investment Officer

Keith Rugen is the Chief Investment Officer for UNW Inc. He is responsible for seeking investment capital, managing the company’s investment portfolios, developing and overseeing investment plans, allocating assets and making investment recommendations.


Prior to joining the UNW team, Mr. Rugen garnered over 22 years of success as an award winning, results-focused Senior Financial Professional with proven business, bank, investment and financial experience in the affluent market. He is an effective leader able to train, coach and monitor behaviors resulting in improved team performance while minimizing financial exposure and operational risk. Mr. Rugen began his career at Morgan Stanley as a Financial Planner and managed money throughout his tenure at other fortune 100 firms such as JPMorgan and Merrill Lynch. He collaborated with wealthy businesses, individuals and their successors to implement financial strategies that protected assets, achieved wealth transfer goals and minimized income and estate taxes. Understanding that trust is the foundation of any personal or business relationship, Mr. Rugen’s prudent and honest nature has motivated his clients to evolve with him and his team over time, helping to secure successful generational planning. Keith has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology from the University of Oswego and a Master’s in Business Leadership with distinction from Long Island University.

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