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Natasha Shamis Headshot.jpg

Natasha Shamis

DIRECTOR OF Business Development

Natasha Shamis is the Director of Business Development at TIPtech. She is responsible for growing the company’s revenue through developing new business opportunities, expanding the brand, managing its referral agent network, establishing and strengthening relationships with strategic partners, and helping to shape the company’s long-term objectives. Ms. Shamis is an established product leader and strategist with a passion for building high-performing organizations and innovative technology-driven solutions.


Prior to joining TIPtech, Ms. Shamis held executive product roles in which she advised companies on strategy and execution, partnering with technology leaders to establish frameworks that elevated their competitive value and innovative output. As Chief Product and Strategy Officer at Liquidnet, she partnered with institutional investors around the globe on developing data-driven technology that optimized and transformed capital markets. Ms. Shamis then founded Strategic Innovation Advisors via which she helped companies translate their vision into impactful product strategies that maximized both immediate revenue and long-term positioning. She was named “Technology Innovator of the Year” at Waters Technology’s Women in Technology Awards in 2019 and a “Rising Star” at the 2017 Markets Choice Awards, Women in Finance. She holds a BA in Computer Science from Columbia University.

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