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Thomas Vito is the Director of Sales at TIPtech. He is responsible for developing strategic sales and marketing objectives, growing, directing and managing the sales team, while establishing sales territories and evaluating sales performance for TIPtech.


Mr. Vito served as the Vice President of Computer Associates Entertainment Division where he developed, maintained and conducted large software transactional business with Fortune 500 entertainment companies, both nationally and internationally. Following his leadership at Computer Associates, Mr. Vito became a Principal Owner of All Shore Abstract Ltd. For over 20 years he has garnered numerous accolades within the real estate industry, building a formidable alliance with many of the top attorneys and bankers in the New York market. He embraces the challenge of growing business revenue through direct sales and strategic partnerships, while maintaining a driving passion for his family and creativity.  Mr. Vito is a published author of a post 9/11 book, a 4-time National Tap Dance Champion, has appeared on broadway, as well as in several TV commercials.

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